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tiikerikani replied to your post:Praise baby Jesus, some one at the library…

When I worked at Rutherford library I had to scan in every book whether it was returned through the analog slot or had been “checked-in” by the user on the self-serve return. This is partly why (the other is to see if it’s been requested elsewhere)

It was weird - I thought she scanned my book right away but it was still flagged as “late” on my account when I checked upstairs (when you use the self return here it is automatically cleared from your account. When you are at the machine, it will tell you to put the book on the shelf if it is reserved by some one at our library or just a normal return - if it is going to another library you put it in the return box that gets emptied at the end of the day/shift). Maybe it was because she had to sign out an inter-library loan to me in the same interaction but it made me nervous. If the book hadn’t been reserved by another patron, I am sure the book would have been placed back on the shelf and the staff would have forced me to go hunt it down myself (which has happened before, ugh.)

The library system is so weird here, but in a way practical. I can recall a book from all the other libraries (we have like 11, plus the libraries at the institutions and all the ILL books that come from Stockholm), it will get placed on my loan spot here at the Social Science library. But if I want a book from the Social Science campus, I need to get it myself. I guess it saves on staff work if they don’t have to pull books from the libraries they are centered at. This hasn’t been as big of an issue for me at this campus (since my topic is more humanities anyway) but it was mildly annoying when I was finishing my MA at the humanities-focused campus and couldn’t just recall the books from home and then come in and pick them up all at once. Then again we don’t have fees so…

Praise baby Jesus, some one at the library realized the book I returned hadn’t been scanned and they fixed it themselves. I really hate going down to the library and complaining about things that are usually my fault but THIS TIME I knew it wasn’t my fault. I gave the girl at the desk the book because the dumb machine wasn’t working and she didn’t give me the dumb receipt thing either. 

In other news, I hate everything and want to cry.



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Fun fact: I’m approaching my writing this semester with the nonchalance of a far older scholar.

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