Sarah, Canadian, PhD Student in economic history in Uppsala, Sweden. Former journalist at the Edmonton Journal. Lover of foxes, dragonflies, cats and complaining.

"If you don't forgive somebody you'll never hear the rest of the story."


Another sign I need to get my shit together: I just about tossed out 200kr thinking the bills were old receipts in my jacket pocket.

Extra extra if anyone wants an (illegal) copy of Eli Heckscher’s Sveriges Ekonomiska Historia (andra delen) Den moderna Sveriges grundlägging just hit me up, yo. 

All my scanning is done. Now I need to figure out how to get the students to download it through my dropbox omg this is so annoying why can’t I access studentportalen (which sucks btw)

I am scanning this stupid book that none of the students can find for the course I am TAing and it is taking forever. I am cold and hungry (I forgot my lunch at home, omg.)

I also forgot my library card to the National Library so I can’t order the sources I need to finish this chapter of my dissertation. 


MacBook left at the shop. Dude said it would take 1-2 weeks to get a prognosis but he said there was a 90% chance that it would not work again. I just want to buy a new one and get it over with rather than not being able to work at ALL at home. The harddrive will likely be okay from the old one (I HOPE TO GOD, PRAYING!!!) so I really just want to get this over with, ughhhh.